Project At-a-Glance

  • Blend of modern and traditional
  • Team effort
  • Siematic cabinetry

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Flexible and Finely Detailed

“Rich is a good problem solver, thinks on his feet,” says homeowner Samir of working with Rich Mathers. “[He] has high integrity, and was very flexible. That flexibility was very nice.” Indeed, Rich’s flexible approach would serve the project well, as Samir and his wife Sundari (working with their architect, Kartik Patel of Archevon Architects) made many dramatic changes during the building process.

“Anyone can build a home and get it done on time,” Samir says, “but who can deliver on the fine craftsmanship and details?” Having seen another home that Rich had worked on, Samir and Sundari were impressed with his knowledge of contemporary design and his keen attention to architectural details. The couple was confident Rich would bring that same knowledge and attention to detail to their home, and they were not disappointed. “We love it, and anyone else who comes to our home, they love it,” Samir concludes. “The time, energy and money spent on the whole thing were all well worth it.”