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Take a peek at some of our most recent projects.

Creative Collaboration

Portola Valley homeowners Mike and Liz are high performers, and they expected nothing less from their contractor. Mike, in particular, brought a lot of ideas to the table, and Rich Mathers Construction was up to the task, bringing four paramount strengths to the project: price, responsiveness, thoroughness, and personal attention to detail. As Mike’s ideas flowed during the process, this extensive interior/exterior remodel more than doubled in scale. This level of complexity required an equal level of collaboration between contractor and client to perfectly capture Mike’s vision. And, because accountability is extremely important to both Mike and Liz, Rich and his team created a special tracking system to accommodate the couple’s very specific criteria.


With its soaring windows and custom COR-TEN® steel trellis, the finished lodge-style home is a perfect reflection of Mike and Liz: expansive, creative and very, very bright.

“[We’re] very happy with the finished product,” says Mike. “That was 3 years ago, and I still look at it and appreciate the attention to detail and the quality of the workmanship.”

Eco-Conscious Transformation

Back before “green” was the new black, Steve and Jane set out to transform their dated, 50-year-old ranch house into a modern, unique, eco-conscious home. Because this was near the beginning of the green building trend, Rich Mathers Construction had not yet done this type of work, and green materials and resources weren’t as readily available as they are today. But Rich loves a good challenge, and he was confident he and his team were up to the task. The Los Altos couple agrees: “[Rich] came across as very personable and had a positive attitude and just seemed like the kind of person we wanted to work with.”


Despite the added challenges and extra legwork required to track down appropriate green resources, the couple says that “working with Rich Mathers Construction was positive because they are very customer-oriented….we had a lot of unusual elements to our project and [they] did a great job helping us carry them out.” This was the first—but not the last—green project Rich has worked on. After building Steve and Jane’s modern eco-marvel, Rich became a member of Build It Green.



Flexible and Finely Detailed

“Rich is a good problem solver, thinks on his feet,” says homeowner Samir of working with Rich Mathers. “[He] has high integrity, and was very flexible. That flexibility was very nice.” Indeed, Rich’s flexible approach would serve the project well, as Samir and his wife Sundari (working with their architect, Kartik Patel of Archevon Architects) made many dramatic changes during the building process.

“Anyone can build a home and get it done on time,” Samir says, “but who can deliver on the fine craftsmanship and details?” Having seen another home that Rich had worked on, Samir and Sundari were impressed with his knowledge of contemporary design and his keen attention to architectural details. The couple was confident Rich would bring that same knowledge and attention to detail to their home, and they were not disappointed. “We love it, and anyone else who comes to our home, they love it,” Samir concludes. “The time, energy and money spent on the whole thing were all well worth it.”

Mid-Century Modern on a Budget

David and Sonia wanted an extensive remodel and addition for their 1951 ranch-style home, but had very specific budget parameters. They needed a contractor who could collaborate closely with them and architect Jonathan Perlman from Elevation Architects to update the home without losing its mid-century modern feel—and without going over budget. “Jonathan highly recommended Rich, and they had worked together on at least three other projects in Los Altos,” says Sonia.


Rich added a new living room, den and bathroom, and remodeled the kitchen, laundry room and entry, incorporating high-quality materials like rift-sawn Ash and Walnut cabinetry and India Mist slate—while helping David and Sonia make decisions along the way and keep costs in check. The result? A home they absolutely love and an experience that was as pain-free as any remodel/addition can be.

“We knew many people who did similar projects and were so stressed out and unhappy,” says Sonia. “We had an entirely different experience and most of that was due to Rich. It’s still hard to make all the decisions that a remodel requires, but we never worried about the quality of the work or the prices we were paying. The peace of mind that working with Rich brought was priceless.”

Seamless Integration

Mary and Gary’s goal for their extensive remodel and addition was to have a thoroughly updated home that didn’t look like a remodel. Working with a design by Elevation Architects that completely re-imagined the home, Rich collaborated closely with the couple and the architect, integrating architectural details and blending finishes while respecting the home’s heritage and retaining its mid-century modern look and feel.


During construction of the new master bedroom suite, an interesting challenge came up:  how to build a new bath, closet and private reading room around a structurally necessary curved-wall feature. Rich tackled the problem with typical aplomb, and the curved concrete reading room is now one of Mary’s favorite spaces in the home. “We had confidence in Rich’s ‘we’ll make it work’ approach,” says Gary, “and he exceeded our expectations.”

Gary says he’d hire Rich again in a heartbeat. “He can look at a scale of a project and understand where there might be issues, and make you feel comfortable in that it’s going to be done right,” says Gary. “Rich handles everything with precision.”